Welcome Message from Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle

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Welcome to the Georgia College and Career Academy website.

As we chart a path forward for Georgia’s future, it is critical for our state to become economically competitive by putting policies into action and producing a workforce that is second to none. Our current economy has a skills gap, and we fall short of training enough people to fill the skilled jobs industries across our state need to grow and compete globally. In order to solve this growing problem, we must reshape how we develop our workforce to meet both the demands of industries and our economy, and to fill the jobs that are being rapidly created. Because Georgia’s greatest asset is our students and their ultimate potential lies within our educational system, we created Georgia College and Career Academies.

College and Career Academies provide an unmatched approach to serving students through opportunities to earn high school and college credits, creating invaluable work-training partnerships with local industries, and integrating academic with career-based learning. These opportunities equip students with the skills and experience necessary to succeed in a growing and competitive workforce, while enable industries to fill the skills gap and find a workforce best suited for their businesses to thrive. College and Career Academies are genuine economic engines, connecting our public schools to the realities of economic and professional outlook that students will face after high school graduation.

Over the past 11 years, thanks to the commitment of the Technical College System of Georgia, we have made great strides in expanding Georgia’s College and Career Academy Network. Our academies have grown to service more than 20,000 students enrolled in Georgia’s 42 College and Career Academies. Plans are in place for more school systems to receive grants each year, making it possible to achieve my goal – so that by 2020, every single student in Georgia will have the opportunity to enroll in a College and Career Academy.

Thank you for your interest and contribution to this important endeavor.


Casey Cagle
Lt. Governor of Georgia

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