November College and Career Academy Student Spotlight – Emily Bennett

November College and Career Academy Student Spotlight


“We’re seeing great success in our College and Career Academies. As Lt. Governor, I want to celebrate the academic achievements of students in our academies by highlighting a student enrolled in a College and Career Academy every month. For students, they find that the College and Career Academies’ challenging, hands-on programs provide greater relevancy and value in today’s workforce. This leads to higher graduation rates, immediate employment opportunities, and greater access to college. The specified student training is attractive to area businesses, and communities prosper from a highly-trained local workforce. For students, our mission is to promote academic excellence and prepare them for the 21st Century workforce.”

-Lt. Governor Casey Cagle


NAME: Emily Bennett

CAREER ACADEMY: Bartow County College and Career Academy


My name is Emily Bennett and I am a senior at Adairsville High School. I attended the Bartow County College and Career Academy (BCCCA) my sophomore and junior year. Now, I am a full time Move On When Ready (MOWR) student at Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia.

Here is Emily’s story:

I choose to attend my CCA because they offered healthcare classes that were not available at my home school. I was interested in Sports Medicine but was not really sure what career I wanted to pursue. Once I started classes my 10th grade year at the BCCCA I fell in love! All my teachers were motivated to lead each student to success and were more than willing to help students with anything we needed. My junior year I finished my Healthcare pathway and completed 20 credit hours through Chattahoochee Technical College at the BCCCA. The classes I took with Chattahoochee Tech have definitely prepared me for my classes at Reinhardt. They have given me insight on the American Healthcare system and led me to decide on a career in Physical Therapy.

When I graduate high school in May, I will have over 50 college credit hours and over 300 hours of clinical experience, which would not have been possible without the guidance of the BCCCA.

Why Emily Choose Bartow County College and Career Academy:

When I started middle school I was very shy and did not have much self-confidence. My 8th grade year I rededicated my life to Christ and started to realize that confidence did not come from what people thought of me but through my relationship with God. As I deepened my relationship with the Lord, I began to believe in my abilities a little bit more but I was still not very confident and outgoing. I was blessed with a teacher my eighth grade year named Mrs. Calloway. She encouraged me every day in class to develop into the student and young woman that she saw God shaping me to be.

Mrs. Calloway began the change in my personality and educational career that was later nurtured and perfected by the BCCCA. I had several teachers, along with the amazing administration of the BCCCA, that have shaped me into the student and individual I am today. Each one of these teachers and administrators has believed in me and has helped me through the last three years.

My favorite thing about my College and Career Academy (CCA) was that CCA’s put education at an equal playing field for all students. Instead of sitting in classes for four years just trying to pass, students can take classes that interest them and encourage them to consider what kind of future they want! CCA’s are redefining education from a one-size-fits-all way of learning to an individual success plan for each student and I have been truly blessed to be able to be a part of such exciting changes in education!

Final Thoughts:

With the influence of God, my parents, teachers, and principals I have been able to become who I am today. If it were not for the BCCCA I would not have had any of the opportunities I have been blessed with. A student’s education goes through so many hands as they travel through grades and schools, but when you have teachers with like minds that work to encourage every single student, you are a part of something so much greater than just one school.

I guess my point is that CCA’s empower students that could have been forgotten at a traditional high school. For me, I had Mrs. Calloway and my parents before I got to the BCCA but I needed the BCCCA to develop me into the leader I am now. I’ve seen so many of my friends who were ruled “not teachable” or thought of to be “dumb” at a traditional school that once they get into a CCA, they blossom into a student that is intelligent and gifted, they just need guidance into their niche. That’s what CCA’s provide.