Preparing tomorrow’s workforce today –

that is the mission of Georgia’s College and Career Academies.

Local high schools and their post secondary partners are joining together to provide the best education possible for the 21st century jobs of today. College and Career Academies are unique learning environments that provide the best opportunities for local communities to focus their educational resources on what is needed in their community and workforce.

Today, students all over Georgia have access to training in the area of engineering, biomedicine, technology, logistics, robotics and many more of the skills needed to compete in the global market. These students are learning in environments that give them the skills to compete, and with 80 percent of jobs requiring some sort of post-secondary education, the College and Career Academies are working to fulfill that challenge. The College and Career Academies are bringing relevance to a high school student’s education and preparing them for college and their career.

The Technical College System of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Education and the Office of the Lt. Governor all support this work through the network of academies. This website is designed to provide you with the information needed to learn and understand College and Career Academies, provide resources for our academies, and demonstrate the benefits a College and Career Academy brings to a community and its workforce.

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