NAME: Alanina Foo

CAREER ACADEMY: Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy (Coffee County)

My name is Alaina Foo.  My personal interests include fitness, photography, and nature-based activities like fishing, and hiking.

I am currently 17 years old and I have been enrolled at the Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy for two years going strong. This seemingly small but advantageous academy is located in Douglas, GA. By obtaining my education through this non-traditional school, I have been able to excel at my own pace and challenge my academic abilities. Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy offers dual-enrollment, meaning that I am able to earn college credit as I earn my high school credits, all of it free of cost. I believe this opportunity has enabled me to become much more independent and responsible, therefore prepping me for the upcoming future of my college career. Continue reading.

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